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One-Pack Stabilisers

One-Pack Stabilisers
Liquid Mixed Metal /
Organo Tin Stabilisers
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Whilst the range of products described in this website has been developed to meet the highest possible performance in terms of versatility and  compatibility between different machines and tooling, our established and renowned technical facilities and our competent technical professionals enable us to provide customised solutions when required.

Sun Ace has worked successfully with leading producers and technical centres, gaining valuable experience in product applications. We are committed to our customers and responsive in delivering innovative solutions.

All information provided in this website concerning the use of products is based on Sun Ace’s best knowledge and subject to change without prior notice. As the circumstances and conditions under which our products would be used are beyond our control, we accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of such information.

Mixed metal and organo tin stabilisers are available both in solid and liquid forms. Their nomenclature depends on the different types and combinations of compounds used in the preparation of the stabiliser.

Liquid mixed metal (LMM) stabilisers are traditionally available in paste or liquid form. The former has been progressively replaced by more efficient solvent-free and also solid forms. 

LMM stabilisers are widely used in plasticised PVC applications due to ease of handling and integration with liquid plasticiser dosing systems. Liquid Barium-Zinc and Calcium-Zinc systems are widely used in major flexible and semi-rigid calendered film and sheet sector. Non-toxic Calcium-Zinc based stabilisers have been traditionally used in food-in-contact and medical applications.

Increasingly many applications using LMM stabilisers are subject to legal control of indoor air quality; low odour, low volatiles (fogging free), low phenol and solvent-free types of LMM have become more important when the end-use is in indoor furnishing materials such as flooring, wall covering and car interior dashboard.

Product Overview

Note: Full information on the product range is available in the product data sheet and technical data sheet.

Organo tin stabilisers are the most universally applicable stabilisers due to their high effectiveness and high degree of transparency. Tin stabilisers are used in all types of PVC today, including suspension, emulsion and mass-polymerised grades, and they find applications in the most demanding rigid PVC and flexible PVC manufacturing processes.

Organo tin stabilisers are always based on Methyl, Butyl or Octyl groups.  Organo tin mercaptides are sulphur-containing products. They are the most efficient heat stabilisers and offer excellent early colour and colour hold at very low dosages. Sulphur-free Organo tin carboxylates such as tin maleates, although less efficient than tin mercaptide during processing, offer excellent light and weather resistance to finished goods for outdoor applications.    

Organo Methyl tin stabilisers are approved for use globally in food-related packaging and potable water pipeline applications. Traditionally they have been widely used in calendered non-toxic rigid sheets for vacuum-formed food and pharmaceutical packing.

Methyl tin stabilisers are very effective in providing good initial colour, long-term heat stability and crystal clarity for packaging materials. Methyl tin stabilisers also provide high levels of light and weathering resistance and are suitable for the production of clear rigid sheets and profiles.

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