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One-Pack Stabilisers

One-Pack Stabilisers
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Whilst the range of products described in this website has been developed to meet the highest possible performance in terms of versatility and  compatibility between different machines and tooling, our established and renowned technical facilities and our competent technical professionals enable us to provide customised solutions when required.

Sun Ace has worked successfully with leading producers and technical centres, gaining valuable experience in product applications. We are committed to our customers and responsive in delivering innovative solutions.

All information provided in this website concerning the use of products is based on Sun Ace's best knowledge and subject to change without prior notice. As the circumstances and conditions under which our products would be used are beyond our control, we accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of such information.

Metallic stearates are derivatives of stearic acid. They have unique properties that are highly valued by various industries including the plastics, rubber, coating, cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceutical and food industries.

They exhibit excellent lubricating and dispersing properties, and stabilising, hydrophobic and foam inhibiting effects. Calcium stearates, Magnesium stearates and Zinc stearates are commonly used for their lubricating and stabilising effects in a wide range of thermoplastics. 

In the cosmetics, toiletries and pharmaceutical industries, hydrophobic properties of metallic stearates help to prevent cosmetics and pharmaceutical products from absorbing moisture, which will result in agglomeration. With their outstanding properties, metallic stearates are not only well accepted in traditional applications but have also met growing demands in other industries.

Product Overview

Sun Ace’s metallic stearates are well-known for their high and consistent quality. Customers can rely on our expertise to recommend the appropriate product for various applications and special requirements.

Note: Full information on the product range is available in the product data sheet and technical data sheet.

Upon request, Sun Ace may supply specific metallic stearates with Kosher, NSF, Halal and Japan Hygienic Olefin & Styrene Plastics Association (JHOSPA) certifications.

Certain grades of metallic soaps also comply with RSPO, FDA, RoHS, USP, BP and EP standards.

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