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One-Pack Stabilisers

One-Pack Stabilisers
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Whilst the range of products described in this website has been developed to meet the highest possible performance in terms of versatility and  compatibility between different machines and tooling, our established and renowned technical facilities and our competent technical professionals enable us to provide customised solutions when required.

Sun Ace has worked successfully with leading producers and technical centres, gaining valuable experience in product applications. We are committed to our customers and responsive in delivering innovative solutions.

All information provided in this website concerning the use of products is based on Sun Ace’s best knowledge and subject to change without prior notice. As the circumstances and conditions under which our products would be used are beyond our control, we accept no liability for any loss or damage arising from the use of such information.

The use of PVC polymers has grown significantly and touches our daily lives in many ways. These PVC products can be found in applications spread over the major industries ranging from construction, medical products, packaging, furnishings and agriculture to telecommunications and transportation.

This demands a wide range of technical performance and properties for different finished products and for varied applications. PVC polymers cannot be processed in their raw form. To solve this limitation, the PVC resin has to be blended together with additives such as stabilisers, lubricants, plasticisers, fillers and pigments. Stabilisers belong to an important category of additives that provides heat stability and in some cases additional lubrication benefits essential to the PVC processing and long-term service performance of the finished product.

Product Overview

Sun Ace can provide a range of different stabilisers based on Lead, Tin, Calcium-Zinc and Barium-Zinc, which are often used in PVC processing, depending on the process and application. Currently, Lead stabilisers are most widely used in rigid PVC applications and in some flexible PVC applications.

Note: Sun Ace can offer products in other physical forms upon customers’ request.
         Full information on the product range is available in the product data sheet and technical data sheet.
where applicable      NF for Flake      NP for Powder      NG for Granule

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