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At Sun Ace, we believe in values such as quality, reliability, creativity and commitment. Values that are inherent in our company’s culture and form the essence of our vision and mission. Values that steer all our effort to deliver good products and services.

These values help Sun Ace remain steadfast in our ongoing commitment to our staff, customers and the environment.

We adhere to stringent safety standards to keep our people safe in their working environment, integrating OHSAS 18001 into our safety guidelines. For our employees’ long-term well-being, we provide the best professional opportunities within a challenging yet nurturing workplace.

By applying the fundamentals of our values in our business dealings, we satisfy our customers by delivering products that meet international quality standards along with value-added services, all tied to a global network of technical expertise.

We are committed to ensuring our manufacturing process has little or no impact on the environment, producing minimal waste.

Our business philosophy drives us to operate on a multi-regional platform through an integrated yet decentralised structure. This allows us the autonomy to operate on a local level while tapping on the wealth of expertise of our offices around the globe to deliver quality solutions to our customers. We take a market-oriented approach to our business. We also actively try to inculcate strong partnership bonding and cultivate the desire for continuous creativity along with the drive for further improvement in every one of our people.

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